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The baby enjoys the bath time even more. He/she likes feeling the warm water on his/her skin, to play beating the feet and the hands in the water and the state of well being that being clean brings.

Each family has a way to take care of their babies, but it is necessary to follow a daily routine with time for bathing, for feeding, for sleeping and also for playing. He/she can become nervous and insecure when there is a lot of change in his/her daily routine.

Before the first teeth appear, the gums become swollen and painful. Therefore, the baby may become irritated and restless. It is good to continue cleaning the baby’s mouth. This cleaning is made with a clean wet tissue, after the baby has been fed, particularly after the night last breastfeeding.

The appearance of the first teeth varies from child to child; there are children who are born with teeth and others who complete one year without teeth. In general the first tooth appears when the child is six months.


If the baby is already receiving baby food it is recommended they are not made with sugar. The baby food should not be blown to get cool or be fed with the same spoon that the adult is using to eat. This can transmit bacteria from the adult’s mouth to the baby’s. When the pacifier falls on the floor, some people usually put it in their mouth and return it to he baby; this can also transmit tooth decay to the baby – besides the fact that the dirty, which was on the pacifier, contaminates the adult.

Check if the Health Unit of your municipality provides dentists for babies. If it does, encourage the parents to take the baby for a consultation.

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