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The childbirth


Labour signs

Some signs indicate the onset of the labour:

Release of the mucous plug, which is a type of elastic mucous closing the opening of the womb and protects it against bacteria and fungi. Sometimes the release of the mucous plug may happen some days before true labour;

Pain felt in the back that moves to the low abdomen;

Contractions, which start slowly, the abdomen remains rigid for 30 seconds, and then relaxes. These contractions usually come every thirty minutes.

The family shall plan their trip to the hospital according to the distance from their home to hospital. If it is very close, they can wait till the contractions occur every 10 minutes.

Attention: In case the pregnant woman does not feel crumps but begins to discharge a big amount of water – going down her legs – this is a sign of rupture of the amniotic sac. Then she has to go immediately to hospital.