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The baby's second and third months

• How was made the mapping of the community?

• How became the division of children and pregnant women among the leaders?

• Based on what has been seen and felt what else would you like to share?

• Is there any message, prayer or a biblical quotation which celebrates the gift of life and the actions that we have performed with our next? A suggestion is:

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The baby from 2 to 3 months

1. In your community how are fed the babies of this age?

2. Which health problems the babies of this age usually have?


Leader, in the talks with the mothers and other family members, explain that the mother’s milk continues to be the sole food that the baby needs. Tell that it is common that the baby of this age does not defecate for one or two days.

The mother who breastfeeds should not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Medicines should only be used with medical guidance. Some cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and medication substances go to the milk and may harm the baby. Thus, the mother who breastfeeds, needs to be more careful, for her own sake, for her baby’s and also for the other family members’ sake.

When the mother has more milk than her baby can soak, she can donate that milk to a hospital that has the Milk Bank. There this milk will be pasteurised and given to a baby who is in need of it.

Leader, verify if in the hospital of you municipality there is a Milk Bank and encourage the donation. Donating maternal milk is an act of love!