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Mouth health


During pregnancy, tooth decay may appear if the consumption of food with sugar increases and the teeth are little brushed. The pregnant woman should do the daily mouth hygiene with dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste calmly and carefully. In doing so the mouth is kept healthy.

Leader, guide the pregnant woman to clean her teeth as follows:

First use the dental floss, even if the gum bleeds;

Brush the superior teeth from upside to downside and the inferior teeth from downside to upside;

Brush the teeth in their inner and outer part close to the cheek;

Do the shuttle movement in the flat part of the back teeth;

Brush the tongue.


The dental floss should be passed carefully between the teeth and the gum in order to remove the food leftovers that are not removed with the brushing.

Leader, you can teach the pregnant woman and the family to prepare a cottar dental floss using a piece of line from a bobbin number ten passed in paraffin or bee’s wax. Another material that can be used is the transparent raffia of packages, since it is very clean. Even a strip of a plastic bag or of a milk pack can be used as dental floss.