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Love Bonds

Foto: Eli Pio

Love bonds are a set of cards made for the pregnant woman. They are designed to increase the involvement of the pregnant woman and her family with the pregnancy, and to show her needs, her baby’s needs and to encourage her to do the prenatal check.

These cards have to be delivered to the pregnant women at the home visits every month. They are a great help for the leaders to give practical advices to the pregnant woman on how she can take better care of herself and on how to create a stronger bond with the coming baby.

Before delivering each one of the card, it is important to read the cards together with the pregnant woman and her family. This helps all the family to accept the child with love and commitment even if they have to face difficulties.

When the pregnant receives support and understanding from the partner and the family she remains calm and she can transmit this calmness to the baby.

“Whatever house you enter, let your first words be, "Peace to this house!” Luk 10:5

Leader, learn how to use the Love Bonds cards:


  • When visiting the pregnant woman for the first time, deliver the card regarding the pregnancy month in which she is and the card with the signs of pregnancy danger;
  • Read each card that you deliver together with the pregnant woman and, if possible, with the baby’s father;
  • Deliver also the set of cards cover so that she can keep the cards;
  • Keep the envelope and the remaining cards with you;
  • Every month deliver a new card to the pregnant woman.
  • Leader, inside the envelope where the cards are kept you will find more instructions about the delivery of this material to the pregnant woman.

If the pregnant woman moves to another community, deliver all the Love Bonds cards to her so that she can continue taking care of herself and having a souvenir of you and of the Child’s Pastoral.

“I bless the Lord who is my counselor, even at night my heart exhorts me.” Psa 16:7

Task suggestion for this qualification stage:

Visit a pregnant woman you have already met, deliver and read the card of Love Bonds regarding her pregnancy month with her.