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Obesity is the weight much over the ideal weight, with excess of fat in the body. It is caused, in the majority of the cases, by the ingestion of much unhealthy food and as a result of not exercising the body. Obesity is a disease, which may cause other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

In the pregnant woman the excessive weight increases the risk for high blood pressure (hypertension), pre-eclampsia and bleeding after the labour. These diseases will be mentioned later.

Leader, during your visits, talk about the benefits of a healthy nutrition. Good nutrition habits bring health to the mother and to the baby.

• Healthy food available in the community:

• Price of meat, fish, shellfish, liver and other viscera:

• Places where fresh and cheaper food can be found:

• Suggestions on how to facilitate the families’ access to shops or markets where these fresh and cheaper food are bought: _

• Recipes and cooking ways as well as the food matching to better use the sources of iron, vitamins and other nutrients in the pregnant nutrition:_

Task suggestion for this qualification stage:

Fill in the activity items about food on this page.