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Urinary infection


Along with the growth of the baby, the womb begins to push the bladder down and that is why the pregnant woman needs to urinate every hour.

As the womb grows it starts to occupy more room and can also push the urine canal. This creates conditions for the urine to remain there and to cause urinary infection. It is important that the pregnant woman goes to the bathroom whenever she needs and empties the bladder well.

If the pregnant complains of belly pain or ardency to urinate, this can be a signal of infection. In this case, she should be taken to the health service, even if that date is not the appointment date she already had made to talk to the doctor. The urine exam is included in the prenatal check.

Attention: The urinary infection is frequent and easy to be solved during pregnancy. If it is not treated in time it can cause abortion, kidney infection and childbirth before the time (premature).