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Getting to know a little about the human body

The external male genitalia are called pennies and testicles. The female organ is called vulva. In both man and woman they extend inside the body where it is not possible to see them. The testicles and the ovaries produce the reproductive cells that allow for the conception of the babies.

The male reproductive cell is called spermatozoon; the female reproductive cell is the ovule.

The man’s spermatozoon leaves by the same canal as the urine. The woman’s genitalia are separated from the urinary system organs.

When the girl releases the first ovule we say that she is no longer a child. Now she is able to conceive. The first ovulation usually occurs between 10 and 14 years old.

The woman’s uterus gets ready for the pregnancy each month. In case she does not conceive, her body removes the “net” prepared by the womb which leaves in the form of menstruation. This occurs 14 days after the ovulation.