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Signs of danger throughout pregnancy

It is important that the pregnant woman and her family know how to identify the signs of danger throughout pregnancy. Leader, instruct the family to look for a hospital immediately if the pregnant woman shows some of these signs:

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Attention: From the seventh pregnancy month also observe: The baby who does not move or the baby who agitates very much.

Prepare an emergency plan together with the pregnant woman and her family in case some signs of danger are noticed:

• How to take the pregnant woman with signs of danger to the hospital?

Write the address and telephone of the hospital.

• Who can accompany this pregnant woman? How can her partner be notified?

• Who can take care of the other pregnant woman’s children until she can return home?

Home Visit

While doing these visits it is important to:

Ask if the pregnant woman has some complaint or concern in this pregnancy phase and how you can help;

Talk about the signs of danger;

Deliver and read with the pregnant woman the Love Bonds Card of her current pregnancy month;

Answer the Leaders’ Notebook questions..

Task suggestion for this qualification stage:

Leader, visit a pregnant woman you have registered in your community:

Observe how is the baby’s growth through the pregnant woman’s womb height growth curve;

Fill the emergency plan for the pregnant woman.