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Assessing the baby’s growth

It is expected that the baby grow every month during pregnancy. To follow up this growth, the measurement of the womb height can be used. This is made in the prenatal checks. This measurement must be noted down in the Pregnant Woman’s Card according to the pregnancy week.

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This data may be noted down in two fields in the Pregnant Woman’s Card:

inside the card which refers to the actual pregnancy shall be noted the womb height in centimetres; in the cover of the card where the percentile curves (P10 and P90) are found: the womb height curve Graphic/ pregnancy stage.

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When the baby grows less than the expected

In the womb curve graphic, when the measure is under the P10 curve, the baby is growing less than the expected.

This can be caused by the mother’s malnutrition, high blood pressure, smoking habit, anemia and other factors.

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When the baby grows above the expected

The growth can be above the P90 curve when the pregnant is expecting twins, has diabetes or caused by other factors.

Leader, it is a right of the pregnant woman to have her womb height measured and noted down in the Pregnant Woman’s Card during the prenatal checks.

Where the measurements have not been noted down yet, it is recommended that you talk to the health service professionals to show them that you can cooperate with them in health fostering.

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In such cases, the pregnant woman needs more care from you, the leader, and from the prenatal medical doctor.

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