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Diabetes occurs when there is an increase of sugar in the blood (Glucose). The most common signs are:

• Extreme thirst;

• Increase in the amount of urine;

• Fatigue, weakness, dizziness;

• Blurred sight;

• Appetite increase;

• Weight loss;

In pregnancy two situations may occur regarding diabetes:

Either the woman had already diabetes when got pregnant; Or she gets diabetes because of pregnancy: the disease has appeared the first time during pregnancy.

In these situations it required more attention in the pre-test check. Watching for the food intake and doing physical exercises help to control the disease. Sometimes it is necessary to take medicine.

The treatment for the control of diabetes is made through checks throughout pregnancy. After the baby is born it is necessary to make new checks to see how the health of the mother is.

“Son, if you get sick do not overlook it, pray to the Lord and He shall heal you. And seek for the doctor for the Lord also created him. And he shall not go away from you for you are in need of his services” Ecc 38:9-12