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The child learns to take care of the environment observing the example from the ones he/she lives with.

When in the community there is improved water, sewer system or proper ditches and the right place to discard the garbage, it is much easier to maintain a healthy environment.

The government also needs to offer clean and safe places, where people can walk, stroll and have leisure. The families have the duty to keep these places in order.

The care with plants and trees helps to keep the air pure and to protect the water springs. To avoid water waste and the burning, are environment care actions and depend as much on the people, as on the public authorities.

Each one can contribute with the environment care. The daily little cares make the world a better place for everyone.

"Praised be You, My Lord, for our sister, mother Earth, which sustains and rules us, and produces diverse fruit and colourful flowers and herbs." St. Francis of Assisi.