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Food Care

At the meals, the child also wants to show that he/she has his/her own will, choosing what he/she wants to eat. But the parents should encourage the child to eat varied food, and to give the example, eating the same food too. The meals time is to be celebrated. Therefore, it should be a quiet moment without fights/quarrels.

• The child needs to be fed with all types of food;

• Grains such as rice, lentil, beans;

• Pastas , such as bread, macaroni;

• Varied vegetables;

• Fruit;

• Eggs and meats;

• Milk and its by-products (butter, curdled milk, yoghurt), for breakfast and at the snacks time.

Calcium prevents the absorption of iron. Therefore, it is better that the milk and its by-products are not offered to the children at lunch and dinner. Thus, the child can better absorb the iron contained in the meat, in the viscera and other food, such as beans.

The families have more conditions to have a healthy food when they know how to better use the food, without wasting them. Not always what is bought ready made has more nutritious value than the home made food.