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The mouth health depends on a good nutrition and on the teeth hygiene. The parents need to take care of the child’s mouth cleaning, doing the teeth brushing after the meals, after eating food with sugar and before going to bed.

The child needs to be taught to brush the teeth as follows:

Brush the superior teeth from upside to downside and the inferior teeth from downside to upside; This brushing should be done in their inner and outer part close to the cheek; Do the shuttle movement in the flat part of the back teeth; Brush well also the gums and the tongue.

The daily teeth cleaning can prevent the formation of tooth decay, which cause pain and infection, affecting the health and the normal life of the child.

Now the child already knows to take better care of his/her hygiene, but the parents´ follow up is always very important. The nails also require attention. They need to be kept short and clean since if they get dirty they can bring worms when the child itches.

In this age, the child already knows how to take a bath and get dressed on his/her own. He/she learns hygiene habits when the family keeps the house clean, encourages the child to do his her own hygiene, verifies him/her and compliment him/her for doing so.

The children like pets. The contact with pets can be a way of learning to have duties, in taking care of the small animal. But it is necessary to take some care with hygiene of the animal and not let him/her sleep together with the child. The pets can also bring diseases.

Home Visit

In these visits it is important to:

Talk about the children development;

Talk about varied food;

Talk about the risks of accidents by intoxication/drowning.

Answer the questions of the Leader’s Notebook.

Suggestion for this qualification stage

Keep on with the visits, deliver and read the 10 Commandments for the Peace in the Family.