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Intoxications or poisonings and drowning


Some hints to avoid intoxications or poisonings are simple and can be applied daily. Instruct the family to:

• Keep cleaning products and medications out of the child’s reach ;

• Never change the cleaning products from their original package to another package, such as plastic bottles. The child can get confused;

• When it is necessary to give medicine to the child do not say that it is a caramel or that it is sweet;

• Watch for plants that can be toxic.

Leader, if intoxication occurs, the family should go to hospital immediately,

taking together the product package that caused the intoxication.

Thus, the treatment is given faster and is more efficient.

The family should no encourage

the child to vomit, for there is the risk for the child to breathe it in and this may cause pneumonia.

In order to prevent drowning, the parents should be instructed not to leave their kids unattended by an adult.

At home, soon after the use, it is necessary to throw out the water from the buckets and containers. The tanks for washing clothes are also dangerous, as well as rivers and ditches. Therefore, it is necessary that the parents or the one who takes care of the child watch for those places.

Leader, it is also recommended to talk to the family about the risk for the child to swallow objects or little bites of food, which, if they go to the lungs, they can cause serious pneumonia. It is also recommended that the family watch for the ingestion of gums, popcorn, candies, lollipops, candies and coins.