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Live Life Program


The Live Life Program has a very important role in the history of the Child’s Pastoral. It is a weekly program with 15 minutes of duration, which is on air since 1990. It is produced by the Child’s Pastoral and broadcasted freely to around three thousand commercial and communitarian radio broadcasting companies, all over Brazil.

The Live Life Program is designed to the families, mainly to the mothers, and to the leaders of the Child’s Pastoral. The Live Life Program transmits subjects connected with the basic health, nutrition, education and citizenship actions and the participation in the social control through the public policies. In many radios there is already a Live Life Program locally produced by the communicators of the Child’s Pastoral. The Live Life Program, despite the long distances, allows millions of people to have access to information, tuning in the closest broadcasting company, and thus contributing to a bigger community participation as well as to the improvement life conditions in the communities.

Leader, listen and spread about the Live Life Radio Program

Try to know which broadcasting companies in your region transmit the program and at what time. Encourage the community to tune in and to participate in the local program. You also make use of the CDs with the programs, listen to them in the community meetings, on the Life Celebration day, and discuss the topics presented. Make of the Live Life program an effective instrument to develop your mission in the Child’s Pastoral.