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Do the family members show or invite the child to participate in their activities?

he child continues to do certain home activities together with the adult such as: playing of sweeping the floor or washing some clothes, giving food to the animals. The child likes very much to learn what they do at work. When the child can participate in the activities together with the parents and older siblings, he/she learns to help the others, feels more capable and begins to understand the value of work for people.

When the child is about five years old, he/she likes to take part in games in which rules have to be followed. For example, the dominoes – in which the parts have to be grouped in equal quantities; in the hopscotch – in which one has to wait for his/her turn to play and cannot jump stepping on the line. It is recommended that the adults play with the child. Thus they can, for example, teach the child to get along well, respecting the others.


The contact with plants and animals make the child learn and respect nature. But the family needs to teach the child about the dangerous animals, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions and show the plants which are poisonous so that the child protects him/herself from them.

Attention:In case the child is attacked by an animal, the spot injured should be washed with water and soap and the child checked to know if it is necessary to take serum or vaccine. If the child puts in the mouth a poisonous plant, he/she should be taken immediately to the doctor.

The family should be cautious with strangers in the community, trying to know who they are ad what they do. It is necessary to teach the child not to follow or go to the home of people that the family does not know.

It is recommended that the family teach the child the name of the place where they live and the full name of the parents. In doing so, in case the child gets lost, he/she does not get so scared and can show where her house is.

It is necessary that the family watch the child not to play with fire and do not run to the street. When the child is away from home he/she can be run over by a vehicle, can get drowned in lakes, rivers, ditches, pools and can also be kidnapped.


Nowadays, most of the families have television sets at home. The children, since very early, watch not only programs made for them, but also the adult programs. This varies from family to family. The television is therefore, one of the sources from which the children receive information and examples of behaviour.

To understand to what he/she is watching, the child needs to find in the family, moments to talk and play about what the television shows.

Is still not known in what the television helps and in what it spoils the child development. What is known is that watching TV many hours a day may bring harm to the child: it is not recommended that the TV replaces the plays and talks to the child.