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The child from four years to five years and eleven months old How the child can learn and grow


In this age the child already manages to play of make believe without using the toys, which are miniatures of the adults´ objects. For example: the girl says that she is going to give food to the child, then imagines that she has a small plate in the hand and gives food to her doll. Or the boy imagines that it is the father in a truck. He catches something round, for example, and begins to drive.

The make believe play helps to develop the child´s thought, which now is based on ideas and words. The child learns that he/she can think about something when he/she is speaking about it. For example, the child can say “car” and can think many things about it without seeing the car: its colour, the number of wheels, how to drive the car


Imagination and thought based on ideas and words are important because they help the child to read and write.


Do the family members have the opportunity to read to the child?

Reading, writing and telling are important knowledge to a citizen. The child begins to learn this in conversations, plays and activities that they perform together with their family. When someone reads to him/her the Bible history, stories from books, magazines or letters from relatives, he is helping the child to understand that written things communicate ideas and news. By hearing to those the child can begin to be interested in learning to read.

The child keeps on being curious. He/she can, for example, ask where the babies come from, mainly when the mother or someone that she knows is pregnant. It is good to answer only what is asked in a very simple way and with no lies.

The child likes to listen to the parents telling stories about the family and friends. He /she likes when they speak of things they give value, like their work, their religion, their dreams. Thus, he/she also learns to tell his/her case and stories and to have his/her own dreams.


Do the family members give value and encourage the child to draw?

Most of the children like very much to draw. When the parents value the drawing, the child feels capable, happy and encouraged to draw more.

Almost always the child does not draw what he/she sees, but what he/she knows about things and what he/she thinks is more important about the objects.

Now, the child can already draw forms that look like the sun, dolls and houses. The child learns that, through the drawing, he/she can tell something to another person. Therefore, drawing also helps him/her to learn to read and write.

The child now knows how to speak, think, and feel, using many words and bigger phrases. Answering to the child’s questions and listening to the child’s opinions is a way to show your attention to and respect for her.