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Evaluation and Feedback Meeting


Leader, the Evaluation and Feedback Meeting is a very important activity of your work. In these meetings, apart from celebrating the achievements obtained, it is possible to discuss the difficulties that are being encountered in your daily work. Many of these difficulties can be solved with actions that you can take after a good talk among yourselves.

In this meeting, which shall be held on the first 10 days of every month, you can study the situation of the families who you follow, discuss each month results and encourage each other with the solutions found.

The same study and reflection method used in this Guide helps to organize and stimulate the Evaluation and Feedback Meeting. Thus, the meeting begins with the evaluation of the actions of the previous month and the celebration of the achievements. After that, we See, by the results of the FABS, the reality experienced by the followed families; Evaluating, that is, think about the reality of these families in the light of the Bible, of the Leader’s Guide and of other materials available and, then, plan the Actions together with the families.

We now shall see in details about this method of Seeing, Evaluating, Acting, Assessing and Celebrating.