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Mange appears in the form of small red balls that make up a tunnel underneath the skin. They come up on the whole body, especially between the fingers, in the axilla/armhole, in the waist, in the buttock and in the genitalia, causing a lot of itching.

The contamination occurs by the contact with the skin or objects of people with mange, such as: clothes, towels or bed sheets.


It is necessary to take proper medication to heal the mange. During the treatment, the clothes, including the bath towels and bed sheets have to be washed and ironed with very hot iron besides being changed everyday. Leaving these sheets, clothes and towels drying under strong sun also helps.

It is good to clean the children nails in order to take out the parasites that remain there when the children itch their skin and also to avoid contamination. If anybody else in the family has mange, it is necessary that all take the treatment at the same time.

The daily bath/shower with soap and water, washing the hair and wearing clean clothes help to prevent the contamination by crawler, mange and other skin diseases.

Attention: If the child bathes in a bath tub or deep basin, it is necessary that someone stays always nearby to avoid the child to get drowned.