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If the child has crawler, instruct the mother to comb the child’s hair with a thin comb everyday, after washing them, and using a medicine prescribed by the doctor. It is also necessary to take care of the child´s towel, bed sheets and if the people who are taking care of the child also have crawler.

To avoid contamination of crawler to be spread, it is necessary to:

Take care of hygiene and take a bath/shower everyday;

Keep the hairs cleaned;

Change clothes everyday;

Not use someone else’s comb;

Prevent the child from wearing hats, caps or woollen bonnets borrowed from someone else.

 1ano a 1ano 5meses crianca lThe crawler is a parasite that lay eggs (nits) in the hairs.
These eggs are white, small and do not get loose easily.
They cause itching.

Attention: It is never recommended to:

Use insecticide to kill the crawler because it can cause serious intoxication to the child;

Put a plastic bag the child’s head because this can cause asphyxia