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The child now has already several teeth and it is necessary to have them all very well cleaned. For doing so, a soft and small toothbrush should be used, without toothpaste. Instruct the parents to:

Brush doing circular movements the external teeth close to the cheek; After that, brush the inner teeth close to the tongue; Do the shuttle movement in the flat part of the back teeth;; Brush also well the gums and the tongue.

It is important to brush the child’s teeth after each meal, after eating sweet food and before going to bed. This avoids the formation of a bacterian plate that causes the tooth decay.

The mouth health depends on healthy food and of the teeth hygiene.


The appearance of a white stain on the teeth is the first sign of alert. This stain means that there is a tooth decay but that that there is no hole there yet. It is then necessary to take the child to the dentist.


The child still cannot control the muscles that hold the wee and the poohs. When the child or someone notices that the child is willing to wee or evacuate, it is recommended to put the child on the chamber pot/jordan and verify if the child does it. Never force the child, because he/she is young and, little by little, she/he is going to understand that there is a proper place to wee or to pooh.

It is necessary to teach the child to wash the hands before the meals, like all the family members do.

Using latrines or toilets avoids that the worms of the faeces contaminate the people and cause diseases. To avoid the appearance of rats, cockroaches and insects that bring diseases, the garbage should be kept in closed plastic bags and not be thrown in the street or in empty unoccupied lands. The cares with hygiene, inside and outside the house, are important for the health of the whole community.