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Feeding and breastfeeding


Leader, explain to the parents and family members that the child in this age eats the same food that the family does, just in lesser quantity. Since the child has already more teeth, he/she manages to chew better. The child already likes to try to eat and drink holding the spoon and the glass with his/her own small hand. In doing so the child starts to learn to eat on his/her own.

In order to avoid food to be spoiled it is recommended hat the parents put small quantities of the food in he child’s dish. As soon as the child has eaten the food that was put there, the parents put a little more till the child leaves the rest in the dish or refuses more food.

Besides eating other types of food it advisable the child to be breastfed in between the meals. The mother milk continues to be a health source for the child!

Leader, when the child is gaining too much weight, it is good to talk to the parents about the family habits. Children that are breastfed have less chances to be overweight after they are grown ups.

Obesity can cause breathing problems, high pressure and diabetes.

“ …disease comes with a lot of food, and intemperance leads to crumps. Through gluttony many passed away; however, though, who is sober, prolongs his/her life.” Ecc 37, 30-31