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The child from one year to one year and five months old

How the child can learn and grow


Do the family members speak and talk to the child?

The child is every time more interested in getting to know everything that he/she sees: objects, plants, animals. He/she likes that people show and speak to him/her about the things that he/she sees and catches. He/she is also interested in pictures or photos in magazines and books. Saying the name of what the child is looking at, encouraging to repeat it and talk to him/her about the daily activities, help the child learning to speak.

The child already can speak some words such as: mother, water, and ball. But he/she still makes use of gestures to communicate: gives kisses, swings the head to say “no”. To learn how to speak the child needs that people speak to her. He/She likes when the family speak to her asking for help. For example: “Take daddy’s shoes under the bed”. Acting like this the child starts to have the knowledge about places: below, above, close to, far from.


Does the child understand when people ask him/her something?

The child can understand some orders such as: “Let us go out.”, “Take your shoes”. It is not always that the child replies to the orders she is given. Generally the child only obeys when she/he is interested in doing what he/she is asked to do.

The child shows what he/she wants and what he/she does not want to do. When he/she does not want to do something, sometimes the child gets stubborn. Keep on saying “no”, scare the child or beat her/him, does not avoid the stubbornness. Leader, instruct the parents that the best thing to do is to wait till the stubbornness is over, not to give much attention to the child while he/she is stubborn and be firm regarding the prohibition made. When the child realizes he/she does not manage what he/she wants, the child gives up that state and starts doing something else.

When playing with boxes, cans or pots, the child learns to better use the hands. When the child takes out and puts one thing inside the other, the child is also learning the notion of size. The family can take advantage of this interest in taking out and putting in things to teach the child how to put away his/her toys in a bag or box.

The child likes to go in and out of boxes, basins and open cabinets. He/she is learning about sizes, shapes and is increasingly controlling his/her movements.


The child is learning to walk without the help of another person. This is a great achievement!

Even though the child falls sometimes, he/she will try walking because he/she has the wish to learn and do lots of things. With the family’s help, the child is going to feel safe and walk better each time in the environment around him/her. Since the child can walk around the house and is very curious, he/she grabs everything that he/she manages to catch. If the child falls and gets hurt, it is recommended to make cold or icy bandages to reduce the pain and the swollenness.

Attention: The family needs to watch for the safety of the child, keeping the doors closed, windows protected, holes, wells and water containers covered and medications and cleaning products out of the child’s reach. It is also necessary to watch for the child not to put toxic plants in the mouth because they can poison him/her.