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FABS – Follow up Sheet


The Monthly Follow-up and Assessment Sheet of the Health and Education Basic Actions in the Community – is the tool in which are registered the data of all the pregnant women and the children followed by the leaders of one community.

Once a month, at the Evaluation and Feedback Meeting you and the other leaders get together with your Community Coordinator to fill in the “FABS” sheet together.

In order to fill in the “FABS” sheet, copy the data of the fourth part of the Notebook of each one of the leaders. This sheet should be signed by the Community Coordinator and revised by the Area Coordinator.

Whithn the “FABS” sheet filled in, it is easier to SEE and EVALUATE how the situation of the children and the pregnant women is like. This makes it possible to plan the ACTIONS to try to change that situation. It is also possible to ASSESS and CELEBRATE each progress achieved.


The “FABS” of each community should be sent to the National Coordination of the Child’s Pastoral. There, the FABS data enter into the Information System of the Child’s Pastoral. Thus it becomes easier to know:

• How the health of the followed pregnant women and the children is:

• How the children are growing, learning and developing;

• What is working well in the walk and what actions need to be strengthened;

• The results obtained.

Every three months, the National Coordination of the Child’s Pastoral sends the “Quarterly Report” to all the Local, Area, Sector and State coordinators with the results obtained through and registered in the “FABS”.

The “FABS” are also the data base of other reports sent to other institutions which support the Child’s Pastoral. Thus, many people, not only in but outside the Child’s Pastoral Program, acknowledge the works done by the leaders of each community.

When any mistake is detected/found in filling in any of the FABS, the sheet is returned to the community for it to be analysed, corrected and resent to the National Coordination as a corrected copy. Each FABS filled in by the leaders is of utmost importance for the Child’s Pastoral.

Each community data can be seen at internet:

Home Visit

In these visits it is important:

To talk about feeding / breastfeeding

Talk about the baby’s development, particularly about his need to move around;

To remember the signs of danger.

Answer the questions of the Leader’s Notebook.

Suggestion for the task in this qualification stage:

Organize one life Celebration Day in the community.