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Worms are intestine infections caused by various types of worms. The commonest way to catch worms is from drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.

When the child has worms, he/she can complain of pain, crumps, feeling sick in the tummy and have vomits, diarrhea, and loss of weight, anemia and fever. When worms are not treated it can cause complications, since the worms prevent the body from absorbing the food nutrients, leaving the child more vulnerable to infections and anemia because of the lack of iron.

In order to prevent the baby from getting worms it is necessary to take care of his/her personal hygiene, the home and food hygiene. It is also important that the community fights for adequate sanitation conditions and for quality health services.

When the baby has worm symptoms it is necessary that the family seeks for the health service for him/her take proper treatment.