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In Brazil, the yellow fever is usually caught when a non vaccinated person goes/lives to in wild transmission areas (tropical savannah ecoregion, forests).

In the ninth month, the baby has to take the sole vaccine against yellow fever if he/she lives or shall travel to:

• Endemic areas, or that is, locals where the disease exists (Brazilian States, AP, TO, MA, MT, MS, RO, AC, RR, AM, PA, GO, DF);

• Transition areas, that is, to the places where the disease might occur (some municipalities of the states PI, BA,MG,SP,PR,SC and RS);

• Potential risk areas (some municipalities of the states of BA, ES and MG).

If the baby and the persons of his/her family are to travel to any risk area, they need to take the vaccine against yellow fever at least ten days before the travel.