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The cares with the body hygiene and with the home hygiene are important to the whole family’s health but mainly to the baby’s, for they prevent many diseases. Since the baby likes catching everything, his/her hands should be washed every time before eating.

At bath time, the baby likes to pass the soap on the body. When the parents tell him/her the parts of the body while he/she does that: head, hands, feet, the baby soon learns their names.

The baby now can have eight teeth which need to be washed to avoid keeping food leftovers which may cause tooth decay. The tooth decay is a disease caused by bacteria which pass from one person the other. The baby can also catch these bacteria with spoons, cups used by other people or when the baby sucks a dirty or badly washed pacifier.

t is necessary to instruct the family not to blow or chew the food before giving to the baby. Tooth decay can also be transmitted this way.