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SHow the baby can learn and grow


Since pregnancy the way the parents relate to the baby already shapes in him/her the way he/she is going to be. In the last pregnancy months, the baby listens to songs, reacts to strong light close to the mother’s belly and may feel when she is very tired or nervous.

Before being born, the contact of the baby with the mother is direct. It is from her the child receives food, heat and comfort in the belly. When the child is born all these known sensations disappear rapidly, and the baby will have to get used to a new environment.

Tender look, sweet words, delicate touches and comfort in the lap of the parents make the baby feel loved and protected.

The baby communicates his/her needs mainly by the cry. He/she cries of hunger, of pain, of cold or hot, asking for comfort and because he/she is wet. As soon as he/she is taken cared of the baby learns that someone takes care of him/her. Little by little the parents learn to identify the baby needs and then can help him/her to develop better.


The baby spends most of the time with the arms and legs folded and the hands closed as he/she used to be in the mother’s belly. It is also common the baby eructates, sobs, coughs a little and make some little noises. These things are part of the baby’s life.

The baby stirs a little and almost always reacts the same way to some stimulus. For example: when we put the finger in his/her hand he/she grabs it with strength; when the baby is touched, listens to some noise or we take his/her clothes off, he/she makes a movement like she/he is embracing or frightened.

The baby sleeps most of the time. Sleeping the baby accumulates the necessary energy to suck and grow. Some babies have a lighter sleep others a heavier one. The sleep of the baby that is more tenderly touched by the parents is usually more peaceful.