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sexto setimo oitavo mes bebe s

In the 6th month, the baby needs to take the third dose of vaccine against Hepatitis B, the third dose of vaccine against Polio and the third dose of TETRA vaccine.

Leader, if some baby is late in taking the vaccines, instruct the parents to take the baby to the health service unit to take the missing vaccines for that age.

Leader, the Health Department recommends the additional supplement of A Vitamin for children older than six months from the Northeast and some municipalities of the southeast of Brazil. Contact the local health service and get the information.

sexto setimo oitavo mes bebe t

Leader, according to what has been seen make a list of:

• The ways to make better use of the iron sources, vitamins, etc in the baby food:

• The recipes that the children accept well:

Home Visit

It is important to:

Talk about breastfeeding; feeding.

Talk about the importance of preventing dehydration by means

of the home serum when the children have diarrhea.

Talk about the Signs of Danger, reminding the Love Bonds Cards about the Signs of Danger

“Children from two months to five years old,”

which have already been delivered to the family.

Answer the questions in the Leader’s Notebook.

Suggestion for this qualification stage

Visit the registered children, deliver the measuring spoon and instruct the mothers how to prepare the home serum. Fill in the food list on this page.