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Home serum

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The home serum is made with water, salt and sugar. In order to avoid mistakes with the amounts, the Child’s Pastoral uses a measuring spoon to prepare the home serum. It should be offered to prevent dehydration or as soon as the initial symptoms are shown. The home serum does not stop diahrrea, it just replaces the liquid lost in the faeces and vomits.

In order to prepare the home serum the following is necessary:

• a big glass (with 200 ml of water);

• a measuring spoon;

• salt and sugar.

After washing the hands very well, fill in a glass with clean, boiled or filtered water (200 ml). With the measuring spoon put 1 small and shallow measure of salt and 2 big and shallow measures of sugar, stirring them very well until salt and sugar are dissolved.

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Besides teaching the parents to make the home serum, it is also necessary to serve the serum in small amounts to the child with diahrrea, watching for the recovery signs.

The serum should be served with a spoon or in the glass, and the amount made should be taken within 24 hours. If necessary, make the child take the serum for more days, the recipe should be prepared again every day.

Some children do not want to have serum. It is necessary to explain the mother to insist on it without forcing the child. She can talk to the child, explaining him/her that the serum will do him/her good and that he/she will recover sooner and that because she loves the child very much she does not like to see/him/her sick.

Besides taking the serum, the child should continue eating normally. When the child keeps on eating she recovers faster from diarrhea, has fewer complications and does not lose weight.

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