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Diarrhea and dehydration


Diarrhea is a soft, watery pooh and it comes more times than the usual amount. Diarrhea can be followed by vomits. Diarrhea as well as vomits is the way the body reacts to get rid of something that does it harm, such as poisons, spoiled or contaminated food. Therefore, you should not give medicines to stop diarrhea.

Medication should only be given upon medical prescription. Medication for diarrhea, in general, is only prescribed when the faeces of the child have blood, catarrh or mucus.

Diarrhea is a disease which can be caused by microbes that contaminate the water, food, containers, the hands of the people and the things they use to make the food. Mosquitoes, cockroach, rats, among others, bring microbes from the garbage to home.

Diarrhea spreads easily in places where basic sanitation is inefficient: when there is no clean water, the garbage is located in an improper place or there is no pit or latrine (toilet). When the baby starts eating other food, taking objects to the mouth, moving around on the floor, he/she has more chances to have diarrhea.


When the baby has diarrhea it is common that his/her appetite reduces. However, it is advisable to keep on offering him/her the regular food. The seasonings and the oil should be kept. The rice baby food is a good food for children with diarrhea.

When the baby vomits or has diarrhea he/she has a loss of liquid and mineral salts in the body, and may become dehydrated. To avoid dehydration it is necessary to replace the quantity of what was lost. This can be done offering the child more liquids and also home serum or that coming in packages always in small amounts and several times during the day.

Attention: If the baby vomits the serum soon after he/she has drunk it, it means that the baby is not replacing what he/she has lost. Thus, it is necessary to take the baby to hospital as soon as possible.

Babies who are not breastfed have more serious diarrheas and die more easily because of diahrrea and pneumonia. The family needs to be more careful with the baby who is not being breastfed.