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The leaders should instruct the parents to always do the hygiene in the baby’s mouth, mainly after he/she starts eating food. It is not necessary to sweeten the baby’s food. Sugar is one of the main causes for tooth decay. Thus, the later the child receives sugar, lesser are the chances for the baby to have tooth decay.

When there is hygiene in the preparation of the food, we avoid diseases such as diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the hands before preparing the food, be careful where to keep the food, avoid the contact with mosquitoes and always give improved, boiled or filtered water to the baby.

Since the baby needs to go to the floor to start moving on his/her own, he/she then gets much dirtier. Therefore, the daily bath has a great importance. It is also a good moment to talk to the baby and to touch him/her tenderly. Thus, apart from cleaning him/her, the bath quietens the baby.

Attention: The baby cannot be left alone in the bath tube/basin, not even for one minute. There is a big risk for him/her falling or drowning!.