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How the baby can learn and grow


Do the parents or does the care taker always provide opportunities for the baby to meet other people?

The care, love and attention of the mother and the father make the baby know them well and feel safe with them. Thus, with the help of the parents, he/she can learn to trust and to relate with other members of his/her family and with close friends. But it is necessary to go slowly with this, respecting the fear some babies have of the people who are not with him/her daily.

The baby likes to play of finding the face of the people or anything that is hidden right in front of him/her. Doing so, the baby can learn that the people and the things exist even if he/she is not seeing them. Thus, he learns to live with the absence of the mother, the father and of the other people important to him.


Do the family members encourage the baby to play with objects?

The baby continues to enjoy having someone around him/her. For the baby to show interest for objects, he/she needs to be helped by people. This help can occur when the person offering objects to the baby, also shows her/his interest in the objects being offered. When the baby plays with them he/she demands less presence from the adult and also learns other things.

Thus, the baby each time even more curious, begins to move and catch everything that is close to him. He/she uses hands better each time – learns to catch small things between the thumb and the finger. He/she catches, bites, kneads, tears, plays, beats things experimenting and learning how they are.

Whenever the baby wishes to catch things which belong to the adult and which are dangerous, or wants to do what he/she can’t do, the parents should distract him/her or take him/her to another place. The baby still does not understand explanations and is still beginning to understand the meaning of the word no. If he/she insists on doing something, he/she should be hold firmly and distracted but not be beaten.


Does the baby catch objects and play with them, beating, throwing and tearing them up?

Playing with objects, the baby learns that when he/she does something another thing happens. For example: when he/she beats with a spoon in the pan and the pan makes noise; when he/she pushes the button of the radio and the radio plays. Since he/she already knows to catch and to let, he/she likes to play catching things and throwing them on the floor to see how they fall. In doing so, he/she learns that some objects fall faster, others fall slower; some make noise, others do not. Sometimes, it requires patience to return to the baby what he/she has thrown.

Attention: The family needs to keep out and in safe place buttons, nails, pins and seeds because from this age on the baby already can catch small things and take them to the mouth, nose and ear. The baby with bad smell or nose secretion may have put something in these body parts. It is necessary to take the child to the health unit to be examined, because to take out these objects at home can make the situation worse.


Do the family members communicate with the baby in several manners, using sounds, gestures and words?

The baby begins to understand what they speak to him/her everyday, for example: “come here”, Say “bye-bye”. First he/she understands what the people speak, after that he/she learns how to speak.

He/she pays attention to the conversations between people and tries to imitate what they speak. It is good that the people speak to the baby and make sounds like: “ma ma “ “pa pa”, and expect him/her to repeat them. The family can play with the several sounds made by the baby such as: imitation of the sounds of the animals, cars, plane. In playing with the baby of applauding, saying god-bye, making funny faces, the parents are teaching him/her other ways of communicating.

When the people use several ways to communicate, this allows the baby to make bonds and also to communicate with them, even if he/she has any type of sense deficiency, for example, the hearing.

The baby needs to stay on the floor to try to move on his own.

The baby tries to catch everything that is put close to him: some babies will roll, others crawl or creep to fetch things. The parents have to make sure that all the places where the baby stays are safe because he/she still has not yet learnt that he/she cannot touch certain things or go to certain places.


Attention: Electric sockets, staircases and iron wires are dangerous because the baby can reach them. It is also necessary to keep the cleaning products and medications locked and in a place where the baby cannot touch them. If the baby swallows the product or medicine it is necessary to take him/her immediately to the health unit.

In this age, besides a good night sleep, the babies still need to sleep during the day. The parents need to find out how their baby likes to be quietened to fall asleep and try to do always the same thing the same way. This because repetition is one of the ways the baby learns and the routine also helps to make him/her feel secure.

“Let dawn bring news of your faithful love, for I place my trust in you; show me the road I must travel for you to relieve my heart” Psa 143: 8