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Anemia caused by the lack of iron


Anemia, which is caused by the lack of iron, is the biggest nutritional problem in the world and reaches a big part of the babies. Iron is an essential nutrient for the life and acts mainly in the production of the blood red cells and in the transportation of the oxygen to all the cells of the body. The lack of iron diminishes the body resistance, leaving the baby more exposed to infections.

In the children, anemia caused by the lack of iron occurs by the low ingestion and because the body needs are big. Anemia occurs more frequently in babies being fed with powdered milk or after the sixth month, even in those who have been breastfed.

Attention: The babies who were prematurely born or were born with low weight need more attention because they have less reserve of iron.


Healthy babies who have been only breastfed until their six months, do not need any type of iron supplement until the introduction of other food.

When the child is fed with natural cow milk the risk of iron lack is higher, since in this type of milk the quantity of iron is also low and the body absorption is bad.

Leader, you have other information about health feeding on pages 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 of this Guide.

The Health Department recommends that all the babies above six months receive supplements of iron, once a week, until they reach 18 months.

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