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Offering food variety

In the seventh month the baby can already have his/her first “piece of meat”. It has to be a big, firm and preferably roasted piece. This piece has to be placed in the baby’s hand for him to soak it at ease, under the attentive eye of his/her care taker.

When the baby reaches the eight month he/she can start eating the family food, for he/she has already tried different food since he/she was six month. In this age, rice and beans and the meat stew with legumes still have to be kneaded, but less than the first baby food made.

A varied, colourful dish, besides calling attention to the baby allows him/her to get to know the taste of all the food served and provides the baby the several vitamins and nutrients he/she needs.

The fruit rich in C vitamin such as, orange, papaya, wild crapemyrtle, cashew, lemon, guava and mango served at the meals help the baby’s body to best absorb the iron from the food and prevent anemia. (See more details on page 31).

A good conversation with the mother about the food variety that there is in the region can help her to choose healthy food. It is important that the meal time is not transformed into blackmailing and a time of anguish. The baby should not be forced or spanked to eat.

Only food variety provides everything the baby needs and good eating habits.

It is important that the baby eats the amount he/she wishes, that he/she can explore the food with the hands, and that he/she tries to use the spoon and the glass if he/she wants. In this phase the baby likes to catch and touch everything and this will help him/her to better accept the new food.

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“Who, then, is the wise and trustworthy servant whom the master placed over his household to give them their food at the proper time? Blessed that servant if his master's arrival finds him doing exactly that.” Mat 24: 45-46