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Other important food for the baby

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The liver (cattle meat or chicken) should be offered as of the sixth month. It is a rich resource of iron and vitamin A. It should be pretty fresh, odourless and have a vivid colour. The chicken’s liver should be boiled and added to the baby food twice or three times per week. The cattle’s liver may be served fried or boiled, with potato puree, polenta etc. It is necessary to test which way of preparation is best accepted by the baby.

The egg yolk is a source of protein and vitamins A and D. It shall be offered boiled, starting with one quarter or half of it until the full egg yolk can be offered. If there is no sign of intolerance, such as diarrhea, vomit or allergy in the skin, two egg yolks can be offered per week, well kneaded and always mixed to another food (porridge, baby’s food).

The beans, after been boiled and lightly seasoned with (salt, onion, garlic, oil) it is kneaded with a fork. It can be served plain or with rice, polenta, baby’s food, flour.

The polenta or angu is a dish made of corn meal. Normally it is well accepted by the baby, mainly if accompanied by beans broth or meat gravy.