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Birth Statement


The Birth Statement is a document with data about the parents and the child delivered by the hospital to the parents. With this statement in hand the parents shall register the birth of the child at the Register of Birth and obtain the Birth Certificate.

According to the Brazilian Law no 9.534 of 10th December, 1997, the family has the right to make the registration of the birth and obtain a free Birth Certificate.

The mother who has paid the Social Security contribution either as a self- employed or a registered employee is entitled to the Maternity Leave. This Leave is of 120 days, in Brazil, counted as of the time she leaves the job and it is designed for her to recover from the childbirth, to breastfeed and to take good care of the baby.

The father that works as an employee, in Brazil, has a five-day leave after the child birth to register the birth of the child and to help the mother in the first baby cares as well as to support her in the beginning of breastfeeding.

Leader, tell the pregnant woman about the importance of the Birth Certificate and remind her that this registration has to be made as soon as possible.