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Danger signs in the newborn baby

Soon after they are born, some babies may show some health problems which, if discovered on time, will save everybody from a great deal of suffering.

Attention: While still at the maternity, the mother should request assistance when the baby shows some of the following signs:

Refuses to get fed;

Does not have faecal excretion;

If the rectum hole is closed;

Low body temperature;

Does not urinate;


Lots of salivation;

Purple lips, feet and hands;

Breathing difficulty;

Swollen tummy;

Pale, yellow skin colour (jaundice);

Not responsive, too week;

Guthrie test

The Guthrie Test is made with blood drops collected from the heel of the newborn baby, as of the child’s third day of life and after he/she has been breastfed. The ideal thing to do is that the collect is made between the third and the seventh day of the birth. The Guthrie Test detects diseases, which when early treated, avoid serious problems for the baby.

If the blood test is not collected at the hospital, instruct the mother to do the test at the Health Service Unit..