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Low weight babies


Some babies may be born weighing less than two and a half kilos (2.500 g). They need to be in hospital for a longer time to receive special care.

The ideal situation would be that the mother could stay with the baby during this phase, or that she or the father would visit the child whenever possible.

In those visits, it is important to breastfeed the baby and to have the baby’s body close to the mother so she/he can feel warm as well if he/she were still in the mother’s womb, receiving the touch on the skin and feeling the smell and the movements of the mother. The father may also hold the baby close to his body to strengthen his connection with the baby and to help the mother.

The low weight baby shall be fed more times per day and also at night. If the child sleeps for 3 hours, he/she shall be gently awakened to be breastfed. Doing so will help the baby to gain weight faster.