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Watching the newly born baby


When the baby is born the skin is smooth and covered by a layer of fat which protected him/her in the womb.

Some babies come with thin and long hairs on their back, ears and face. In general they disappear within a week.

The baby may have some small red spots in the nose, which look like small pimples. Those spots shall never be squeezed because they may get inflamed. They shall disappear within one or two months.


The baby’s head is big if compared to the body. The skull bones haven't yet grown together and that is why babies have fontanel (s).

Some of the babies may be born with some bones over the others. This is to allow the baby's relatively big head to move down to the narrow birth canal. It is not necessary to use caps to protect the fontanel. The fontanel closes while the baby grows.

In the normal labour the baby may show a little swollen scalp. This is related to the birth. The baby’s head pressure to dilate the womb wall. In a few days the head resumes to its normal shape.

The baby may also be born with the face swollen, with stains or birth signals. Some babies may have a stain on the buttock, which shall also disappear after a while.


Either the boys or the girls may be born with the mammary gland (teats) swollen. This is caused by the transmission of the mother’s hormones into the baby’s body through the belly button. The mammary glands shall not be squeezed. This may wound the baby and cause them to be inflamed. This swollenness will soon disappear.

The baby’s tummy is high and big. When the baby breathes, the tummy goes up and down. The belly button is thick, whitish and humid. The baby’s arms and legs are short compared to his / her body.

The boys may be born with the testicles big and full of liquid; these also tend to diminish in the first months. They also may be born with the testicles withered because these have not come down from the abdomen yet.

The girls may be born with their external genitals (the long inner lips) swollen and presenting some white discharge or even a dark blood discharge that goes out from the vagina. This is also caused by the passage of the mother’s hormones into the baby’s body through the belly button. The mother does not have to worry with that because it shall disappear in a few days.

The presence of a companion only is not allowed in case of a high risk labour.