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The postnatal period

The period after birth is called puerperium or postnatal period.

The mother may take a shower everyday and wash her hair already on the delivery day.

After the childbirth the mother will have a vaginal discharge similar to the menstruation, which will cease little by little. It is important to do the hygiene. If this discharge increases, it will produce bad odour or a secretion with pus then she has to consult a doctor because this may be a sign of infection.

In the puerperium the intestines tend to work slower and accumulate gases. The mother should move, watch for her food and drink a lot of liquid. She should not leave the hospital if she has problems to urinate or defecate.

At the time of being released from hospital she should appoint another time to return to do the check. It is important that the mother returns for this consultation because it is at that time the doctor checks if everything is all right with her health.

Leader, remind the mother to request the doctor to prescribe the iron. The mother should take this medication until the child reaches the age of 3 months.

Suggestion of task for this qualification stage

Visit the Health Service and answer the questions of pages 88 and 89 for the pregnant woman you are following..