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The childbirth is the celebration of life and of hope. It is a miracle of God that has taken place.

Everything has to be done so that the birth of the baby is natural, with almost no risk or suffering for the mother and the baby. In a very well assisted labour, the mother and the baby are to be treated with respect, tenderness and attention. They are to be accommodated in a room with good hygiene condition and assisted by qualified health providers to prevent or to solve any problems that may arise.

If possible, it is recommended that the father attend the labour and be present soon after it has occurred. This denotes his own commitment with the baby and it helps the connection between them.

The Brazilian Law no 11.108 of 7th April 2005 establish that the health services of the SUS – The Sole Public Health System - of its own network or a convened one, must allow the presence of a companion with the pregnant woman during pre-labour, labour and after the labour. Such companion shall be appointed by the pregnant woman.